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All Aspecs Inc. is your total solution for your land surveying needs!

Boundary Survey 

Construction Staking 

We offer many different types of Land Survey's. We can provide section breakdowns for your large ranch land or something smaller for your in town lot survey. If you need a survey to find your property corners we can scale it to what you need.  We offer boundary surveys for many different sizes and acreages.   We can work with you to subdivide your property to create more lots for you to sell off or to give to a family member.  Whether you are a Developer or a single lot owner we can help you through the process of subdividing you land.    

With more than 16 years of experience in the construction industry we offer expertise in many different construction services. We would like to assist you on your next project. We are Licensed Bonded and Insured and ready to stake-out your next project, large or small. We have the capabilities to assist you in most any construction staking scenario.  We can provide GPS or GNSS control.  AAI can also provide staking with our Robotic Total station or set elevations with our levels. We have got you covered whatever your project might be Call today! 

Topographic Survey

Flood Elevation Certificate

We can provide pre-construction / engineering and topographic surveys for your next project.  All Aspects Inc. can provide surveys from small topos to several hundred acres.  We are familiar with many different uses and types of topographic surveys.  We can also provide American Land Title Association Surveys (ALTA) which is a set standard.  We can provide volumetric surveys for the calculation of stockpiles.  If you are looking for topographic surveys of any kind, please consider All Aspects Inc.
We are approved to complete FEMA flood elevation certificates.  If you have questions about whether your home or property is in the Flood Plain, please give us a call. Sometimes you can have a survey completed and be given a reduced rate from the Fema Flood Insurance Program.  FEMA requires a Registered Land surveyor to complete and submit a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA).  This process can be completed which may have significant difference in your Flood insurance rate.  There is no guarantee that your rate will be reduced, it is a process that is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Association.

Mortgage Survey

Professional Consultation  

We offer Mortgage Surveys also called Improvement Location surveys, Title surveys, or Bank Surveys.  If you are a Mortgage Banker a Realtor or a Title Insurer, please consider us on you next closing for the survey that is placed in the purchase agreement documentation.  A mortgage survey is not the same as a boundary survey and may not identify boundary conflicts that could be identified with a proper boundary survey.  No fences or structures should be erected based upon the information compiled in a mortgage survey.  A mortgage survey is produced during the purchase of a home to accompany the purchase agreement.  It is completed when a Boundary survey is not performed or waived during the purchase of a property.  The purpose is to identify any out-right and obvious obstructions or encroachment of a specific property to a reasonable level of certainty.   It is not free of errors that a boundary survey might be able to identify.  We offer surveying throughout the Black Hills Region please call us for your surveying needs.  
All Aspects Inc. has more than 15 years of experience in the construction and engineering industry.  We can provide our services in many different ways. We can help you as a Professional Land Surveyor with your Land Development needs.  Whether it’s a smaller subdivision of land or a major land development for a small community we can provide you with guidance through some of the land development process.  
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